Our New Florida Locations Opening Soon

The city buzzes with anticipation as if holding its breath, in excitement for what lies. Conversations ripple through the streets gradually growing louder with each passing moment. This excitement signals an event on the horizon poised to make its mark in history. At the center of all this fervor shines The Spot Barbershops opening a beacon of elegance and sophistication.

a man sitting in a barber chair

Known for its service and the artistry of its barbers The Spot surpasses the notion of a barbershop. It’s not a place for a haircut or shave; it’s an experience, a destination revered by those who view grooming as an expression of personal style and refinement.

Here every haircut is a work of art, every shave a crafted masterpiece executed by master barbers who are deeply passionate about their craft.

As whispers spread about new barbershops opening across the city we find ourselves at the cusp of a chapter, for The Spot Barbershop.

This chapter marks a beginning, a revival that holds the promise of upholding The Spots tradition, quality and style while also introducing a touch of innovation and modernity. 

As we gear up to reveal what lies ahead we extend an invitation for you to be part of this moment to journey with us into the future of grooming with the unwavering dedication to excellence that has always defined us. Stay tuned as the legacy lives on and what’s in store next is something you won’t want to miss.

The Rich History of The Spot Barbershop

In 2001 a vision took shape on the streets of Miami’s Little Havana. Brothers JC and Fredis Perdomo set out on a mission to redefine the men’s grooming experience. 

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With passion and commitment they established The Spot Barbershop in a 450 square foot space that offered more than haircuts—it provided a haven for gentlemen to relax and rejuvenate.

Through the years The Spot Barbershop has flourished into a network with over 25 locations renowned for their elegance and excellence.

Each store stands as a symbol of the dedication the brothers have to providing top notch service ensuring that every haircut, shave and styling session is executed with care.

The Spot Barbershop isn’t a spot; it’s a gathering place where conversations flow effortlessly like the coffee served friendships are forged amidst the sound of clippers buzzing and each customer is treated with respect and attention. It’s a blend of barbering traditions and contemporary style offering an experience that’s both timeless and modern.

While The Spot Barbershop expands its reach it remains rooted in community values and customer satisfaction. It’s not only about looking good but about feeling good. This commitment is something The Spot Barbershop proudly upholds with each step it takes.

Whether you’re in need of a touch of elegance or some relaxation time The Spot welcomes you—a space where every visit leaves a lasting impression.

Introducing Our New Locations

Florida prepares to greet the additions to The Spot family! 

Each new location has been carefully selected to ensure that The Spots reputation, for notch quality and stylish offerings is within reach for everyone:

New Aventura: Tucked away in the heart of Miami Dade County this spot is poised to shine as a gem in the area.

Biscayne: A stones throw from the Miami arts scene all set to cater to the city’s creative community.

Boca Center: Nestled in upscale Boca Raton this location is tailored to meet the tastes of the residents.

Gainesville: Strategically positioned in the city center this shop will cater to both fashion forward locals and university students.

Hallandale: Located in bustling Hallandale Beach this shop aims to become the preferred destination for modern hairstyles.

Jupiter: Offering a grooming experience amidst Jupiter’s surroundings.

Midtown Miami: Situated in Miami’s hippest neighborhood this shop will provide an elegant urban retreat.

Miramar: Serving the Miramar community with a promise of pampering and luxury grooming services.

Mizner Park: Embracing luxury and traditional barbering at its finest within the setting of Mizner Park

Plantation: Delivering premium grooming services tailored for Plantation residents.

Miami World Center: In the heart of Miami’s future this spot will shine as a symbol of elegance.

West Avenue: Nestled on the West Avenue this store will provide a taste of grooming paradise.

…. and many more, each with its own distinct charm and carefully chosen to cater to our diverse customers.

What You Can Anticipate at the New Barber Shops

Enter into the world of grooming at The Spot Barbershop locations, where every detail is tailored for an experience beyond the ordinary.

Soon as you step inside you’ll encounter an ambiance that blends sophistication with the comforting essence of traditional barbering. Here’s what awaits you;

  • Stylish Beauty: Each shop is designed with a touch showcasing furnishings and a trendy decor that radiates elegance.
  • Cutting Edge Services: From haircuts to indulgent shaves the services are enhanced by state of the art barbering technology and techniques.
  • Personalized Touch: Customized grooming sessions ensure that your unique style and preferences are not just met but surpassed.
  • Special Deals: Join in the excitement of barbershops opening, with promotions, discounts and packages crafted to welcome you into The Spot family.

Join us at events that blend fashion, culture and community to celebrate the art of barbering.

The new branches of The Spot Barbershop offer more than haircuts. They are havens where tradition merges with innovation and where you’re not another client but a valued member of our community. Get ready to feel pampered, impressed and transformed.

The Spot Barbershop Dedication to Excellence

Our expansion goes beyond adding locations; it symbolizes a commitment to the high standards that define our brand.

With each spot we introduce we carry on a legacy of excellence that has set us apart from the start. Every new Spot is designed as a haven of style, where every detail is thoughtfully selected to ensure a grooming experience.

Miami Springs SoftOpening - Barbershops Opening

Our barbers are craftsmen who honor the time honored traditions of barbering while also excelling in creating styles. We prioritize personalized service believing every customer deserves an experience. 

Our team has not just  mastered their craft but also excels in customer service ensuring each visit is memorable and tailored to individual preferences. We carefully select our products and services without making any compromises reflecting our commitment to standards. At The Spot we prioritize education for our barbers and staff to ensure they are always up to date with the industry trends and techniques.

Aside from providing top notch services we are deeply involved in our community actively engaging in events and initiatives that enrich the neighborhoods we serve. 

As The Spot Barbershop continues to expand our dedication remains steadfast in creating an atmosphere where excellence is not just promised but consistently delivered. We welcome you to experience this dedication at our locations where every service provided reflects The Spots unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Be a Part of the Barbershops Opening

The anticipation is mounting as The Spot Barbershop gears up for the openings of our locations. It’s more than an opening; it’s a celebration of style, community and the craft of barbering that we have perfected over time. We are eager to share these moments with you, our patrons and friends.

Join us on this journey by connecting with us on social media platforms.

Here you’ll get a look at our new space updates on the final touches being made and the lively atmosphere as we get ready to welcome you. You have the opportunity to join the community before the ribbon cutting event kicks off. 

As we near the barbershops opening our social media will be your source for all the updates and some surprises we have in store. So stay connected and interact with our posts. Be part of the excitement that’s around the corner. We’re excited to open our doors and invite you to experience The Spot Barber Shops era where each visit’s special and every haircut is a work of art.


With excitement building for The Spot Barbershop, we warmly invite you to immerse yourself in the quality and service that our current locations are known for.

This is a peek into what lies across Florida as we prepare to enter a new era of top notch barbering. We urge you to stay on point and stylish by paying us a visit where every trim and shave showcases our commitment to your grooming needs.

Make sure to stay updated on the news and prepare to be a part of The Spot Barbershop developments. Stay tuned as we embark on this sophisticated journey. The exciting new chapter of The Spot Barbershop is, around the corner. We’re thrilled for you to come along on this adventure with us.